Friday, August 28, 2009

So, my new niece is super cute

My family and I went to Thatcher for Brecklynn's blessing. She is SO adorable. Here's some pics:

So, Flagstaff

Flagstaff was an incredibly stressful time. My sister Kayla asked that I would help with the YMCA event. She's the director over the YMCA and needed someone that knew something about cakes. I don't know if I'm really qualified for that, but I knew that she needed help, so I agreed. I spent HOURS planning the best techniques to teach that are simple and fun for kids of all ages. I made little Cake Tip books for all the kids and made tons of cakes and frosting. It was kinda ridiculous how much I stressed over it. So, when I got up to Flagstaff I spent more time with Kayla organizing the frosting tips, dying the frosting the right color, and running around. When the event finally started the kids ended up just running to the tables and squeezing the frosting all over the place - they didn't care what tip they had, what color, anything. Some were even 'decorating' the cake tips books I made. I should've figured that kids would've been happy with anything in sugar form and just ran with it.

 Kayla made cakes and frosting too - and when she made the frosting we both found out why it is important to use clear vanilla extract. Hers looked like mashed potatoes, or lard, or something that is not frosting. It all ended well though - the kids had fun, there were a ton of people and their cakes turned out cute. And I will never make a cake again.

So, let's play catch up -- - San Diego

So San Diego was great. Before we left I thought it would be a fabulous idea to bring my laptop and watch movies and shows while we drove. Well, my laptop isn't very loud on its own so we were both straining to hear so I hooked the audio up to the car and it was loud - but for whatever reason their was this really loud, really annoying, hum that accompanied it. And we still used it. That was super fun.  I got a screaming deal on a hotel - which was virtually impossible because the weekend we were there was comic con weekend and everything was sold out - not to mention hiking the prices due to demand. It was amazing - we basically paid $50 bucks a night for a room in the Hampton Inn. It was a brand new hotel and the rooms were HUGE. We couldn't get over it, and then we saw that our room was handicap accessible, which was pretty convenient because there was  a phone next to the toilet - (which really made me feel more secure, you know), and handy bars in the shower. I think from now on I'm going to request a handicap accessible room.

The San Diego Temple is gorgeous! So beautiful, and the weather in San Diego just made it feel even more like paradise. Erica and her husband looked so great - I loved their colors, and their shoes were so cute. Is it bad that I took more pictures of their feet than their faces? 

Monday, August 3, 2009

So my luck sucks lately

I've been MIA online because my computer died. My lovely Mac that I would brag about because I've never had any problems with it just totally quit. I cried. I went into mourning. And then I sent it to get fixed. And the hard drive is apparently the thing that died, and I don't know much about computers but your hard drive is apparently like an important part. Oh, and by the way, you lose like EVERYTHING on your computer when that dies. All my pics, all my music, everything. So I cried some more. And you don't realize just how much you use your computer until it is gone. I don't know what to do - it's driving me insane. It's been gone a week and I don't get it back for another week. And of course, that isn't the only thing that went wrong, but I can't go into THAT because I really don't want lectures. Let's just say I'm stupid and life suddenly got REALLY expensive. So, life in Chelsie world in general suckasuckasuckasucks. But I'm trying to keep a positive attitude about it. It's not going too well. Once I have my life - I mean my computer - back I'll be able to show pics of San Diego and Flag. Super fabulous.