Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So my sister had a baby

Yay for babies! My sister had a little girl yesterday morning. They named her Brecklynn. She was 7 lbs 9 ounces and 19 inches. They are both good. This Friday I am going to San Diego with my other sister Kayla. She has a friend Erica Burgen (sp?) getting married in the San Diego temple. I come back on Sunday and then I'm going to Thatcher on Monday to see the new baby. Fun stuff!! So I should have tons of pics next week. Well, if I survive driving 20+ hours in 3 days.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So I'm pretty sure I'm dying

***** UPDATE***** 
So I was just at WalMart and my total came to $6.66. If that isn't a sign I'm going to die, I don't know what is . .. . . . I can't make this crap up.
I have always had ear infections since . . . . the beginning of time I'm pretty sure. And I normally wait until my ears swell shut before I will go to the dr because ear infections are a pretty expensive hobby to have when you go to the dr every time. So I am all about DIY fixes. So lately I've had ear infections, because, you know, it's the thing to do, and I've been treating it with hydrogen peroxide. I don't just pour the bottle in my ear, I soak a q-tip with it and put it in my ear. Well, hydrogen peroxide bubbles whenever it hits infection and I would go through 4-6 q-tips before they would stop bubbling in my ear. Well, it seems to be working, because my ears stopped bleeding, but now my throat is kinda killer and I'm super nauseous and dizzy so I'm pretty sure I'm dying of hydrogen peroxide poisening. Who knew that like everything is connected? What the crap? Ick. So maybe I should give up and go to the dr except that my dr has seen me trying to do other DIY treatments for all my other problems and tells me that normally I make it worse and I'm pretty sure she's not gonna appreciate having to treat me for hydrogen peroxide poisening. Especially because I'm probably the first one to get it and there isn't a cure yet. And if a Dr is mad at you I'm pretty sure they'll make you get random painful tests just for the heck of it - kinda like how if you are mean to a waitress they'll sneeze in your food? Who knows how many procedures a dr could come up with? And I cry when I get my blood pressure taken (it squeezes REALLY hard ok?!!?) so I don't think I'll last long, so if I don't die from the poisening I'll die from having so many tests. So I tend to avoid letting people who know what they're doing see how badly I've damaged random parts of me. It's like chopping your own hair off and then going to a professional and have them make it look good again. Really stupid ide- wait, I've done that too. Did you know when you are thinning your own hair with thinning scissors you should NOT start cutting at the scalp? It makes for some pretty spiky layers. Who knew, right? (Well, probably the professionals knew that, but they should like have a learners manual that comes with the thinning scissors. They can't expect the general public to just understand what not to do.) They put like warnings on microwave dinners that say obvious stuff like, btw, the product will be hot after you're done cooking it, but they don't think to put a warning on the scissors that says, hey, you know, maybe you shouldn't thin your own hair, maybe you should pay the $10 and go to supercuts. So, I may die today of hydrogen peroxide poisening because going to the dr would be embarrassing and expensive and painful and because I'll be the first one to die from it they'll have to name it after me, you know, like Lou Gehrig's disease. So people in the future can say they died from Chelsie poisening, which is pretty awesome. At least I'll leave a legacy . . . . .

Monday, July 6, 2009

So, the Fourth of July. What's up with that?

I have never been a huge fan of the fourth of July. I know that it makes me sound very un-patriotic - and it has nothing to do with celebrating our nation, more with the fact that I hate the whole traditions. Growing up, my mom would bring us all to some random field and we would spread out scratchy blankets and play games with our cousins but everyone's in a bad mood because it's like 110 degrees out and there is bugs everywhere. Then the fireworks would start, and we would be so close (because we were there 4 hours in advance) that parts of the fireworks would be falling on us and so the kids would all freak out and we would have to move. And then there were the years that my sisters and I were in a performing group Showtime and so we had to dance in front of people waiting for the fireworks so we had caked on makeup and curled hair sprayed with approximately a pound of hairspray and tights and a costume so we were covered and hot and it was so claustrophobic. I know my parents were trying to make it fun, and did the best they could, but I've come to the conclusion that the fourth of July in Phoenix will just never be fun. 
So this year my family apparently was apart of some fundraiser for my brother's football team and had to work at Tempe Town Lake. So even though my sister Jarica and I were not working we were there for . . . . moral support or something. 
 So we sat on this concrete bench under this bridge BAKING in the sun for approximately 32 hours. We were so hot that I kept buying water bottles and we literally poured them over our heads and I threw some in her face. She was mad until she realized it was refreshing and did it also. It was so crowded and we were looking around for a place to sit when we found this:

I've decided from this sign that some Mormon must be responsible for it. Because, c'mon, who else uses the word heck? 
And while everyone was ooohing and ahhhing at the fireworks I was more impressed with this:
Isn't it pretty? It's the prettiest piece of architecture I've seen in the valley. 

On an unrelated note, I've been frustrated lately because I have stuff that I would like to post, stories that I would like to tell, but I don't want everyone and their dog to read it. I know certain people in my life that happen to be ridiculously judgmental and I would never hear the end of it if they knew certain things. It's kinda bumming me out that I can't be myself on here, and I wonder how everyone else does it. I mean especially with kids, there are so many people that would judge a parent for the way you're raising your kids, or things you want to post about your husband but you are afraid your MIL might read it .. . .  you know? Or maybe I'm the only one that doesn't mind everyone knowing everything. It's especially sad because yesterday something really funny happened but I can't post it because normally something funny or crazy happens to me because I'm doing something wrong, which is the case with yesterday.
Oh well, I guess I'll settle for this blog to be only moderately offensive instead of completely offensive. Eh, life goes on.