Saturday, September 4, 2010

So I should maybe pay attention more . . .

So I caught 'The Patriot' on TV today. I wasn't really a fan of it in the past because the first (and only) other time I saw it, I thought the movie was pretty disturbing. Not because of the deaths and war violence, but because I thought Mel Gibson's character fell for his sister. Incest isn't cute in my book, people. However, I may not have been paying very close attention to the movie, but I just assumed it was his sister because all the kids called her 'aunt'. This time around I figured out it was his sister-in-law. That small detail changes everything.
It's kinda like how all growing up I thought the second verse of the song 'I am a Child of God' started as, "I am a Child of God, and so my knees are grey," which led to several daydreams during primary where I imagined why someone's knees would be grey. Were they dirty? Was it because she was wearing tights? Was she playing with markers? Hence, I was never able to remember the rest of that verse because I was too busy wondering why someone would color their knees grey. Several years later I figured out the song is actually, "I am a Child of God, and so my needs are great."
I wonder how many movies I need to re-watch to make sure I actually hate them.

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Amy Juhasz said...

Haha..I haven't seen that movie, but I do that with songs! Like Payton has a song she likes that has a line that says "In every house, igloo and teepee"..I thought it said "In every house of glue and tp" for the longest time. I was like dumbest. song. ever. Who makes houses out of glue and toilet paper?