Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So if you can comprehend this post it means you can also follow my daily train of thought. If you can, I'm sorry. And I think we should be friends.

A friend recommended these drink mix in things - apparently they have vitamins and taste good or something. And Costco sells them so I figured it would be a good deal. I didn't even realize until I got home that I spent $20 something dollars for 30 packets of mix in powder stuff. And one packet is supposed to be mixed into one water bottle - so it's kind of a rip off.
So I had a lot of expectation for these little packets and brought them to work. This is all in an attempt to not drink soda and I was kinda excited when I broke out the packet at work. And then I put it in the water bottle and the water started bubbling, and FOAMING, and then like exploded all over my desk. And when it started bubbling over I tried to sip a little to stop it which is basically the worst decision I've ever made. I just got a mouthful of foaming, fizzing powder that even a Fear Factor contestant would pass on. I've decided that when I have kids I'm gonna use this stuff in lieu of tobasco sauce or soap if my kid starts saying bad words. I think it'll be effective. And possibly become something they'll look forward to if my cooking skills don't improve.
And then when I looked back at the purple bubbling foam I was suddenly reminded of the Power Rangers movie. The villain in it is Ivan Ooze and in the movie there is the purple goo that grows larger and larger and then forms Ivan Ooze. Which looks like a dignified grandpa that took a bath in some grape kool-aid.
This is eerily similiar to my expression when my water bottle exploded.
Which is what reminded me of when my sisters and I would play Power Rangers and fight over who got to play Kimberly, the pink ranger. Because we thought she was the prettiest and really wanted to date the green ranger - or the white ranger. It was a very complicated love triangle. So we compromised by calling each other Kimberly, Dimberly, and Wimberly. And then this reminded me of how I read that some celebrity married someone named Gimberly. Which made me really want to write to Gimberly and ask her if her parents were also Power Rangers fans that always wanted to be Kimberly. And then ask her if she knows Gimberly is not a real name.

And this is why I think it would be much more productive if I drank Diet Coke at work instead.


Alisa said...

I LOVE zipfizz and emergen-c packets! I know, I know, they're pretty hideous little powder things. They also explode when you leave them in your car too long... But I really do love them.

Kayla said...

even creepier than the kimberly dimberly situation, is the fact that jaymon and bubba were our boyfriend power rangers, and we would save each other from the evil swing set/creeper shed/or uber creep that lived on the other side of the fence. glamorous. remember when that kid asked weird questions, like if we eat cereal and live in a house. i feel like that's a weird thing that only you would remember

Katy and Brent said...

Hahaha, on my gosh I love when theres a new post on your blog because I KNOW its going to be funny.. and entertaining in some way ;) I miss hearing these stories from you everyday while you rein-act them. Priceless.

I also miss how awesome the stores were when we would visit Kayla. Great times. You two are hilarious!