Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So this is my First Fondant Cake

So it was my sis Kayla's birthday last Saturday so I decided to try to make a birthday cake out of fondant. Not as easy as it looks. I started out with white fondant and decided to color it for many reasons, but mostly because apparently fondant tastes disgusting. So I added chocolate to the white fondant and voilah! brown fondant. I don't know why it suprised me that it changed color, but it did. Stop judging me.


Amy Juhasz said...

I wish the picture was bigger! I can't see it well, but looks great from what I see. You rock!

peachytiffers said...

So cute!! You gotta teach me, I've been wanting to learn how to work with fondant. I've heard so many people say they like the taste and I think it's yucky, I just always eat around it. Love the cake!