Wednesday, May 20, 2009

So, Playing "Your Mom" jokes on older people: not a good idea.

So I have a "cubie" which is a person that sits in the same cube as me at work. She's nice but she's always talking and loud and asking questions. And normally her questions are silly and kind of get annoying and so today she asked,

"Who sent me this email?"

Without turning around I just said,

"Your mom."

I thought maybe she'd get the hint that I don't know and that I'm involved doing my own important work. (Ok, so I was just playing solitaire. So what?) Instead she says,

" I wish it was from my mom. She died last year. I would give anything to talk to her again."

Then she got really quiet and stopped talking for awhile. So I guess I got the result I was looking for, (a quiet cubie) but I'm now officially the worst person in the history of the world. So I figure its a fair trade-off.


Amy Juhasz said...

Oh man! Open Mouth- Insert Foot! You are too funny Chelsie!

ShanBehr said...

Haha nice Chels. way to be lol