Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So I'm writing this on my lunch break because you know what I'm NOT doing? Eating this. I cooked it and holy moly. I was ridiculously hungry, and the box makes it look ok - and I love real chicken parmesan but it has approximately 32,000 calories, so I thought this would do. Yeah, the chicken was literally a greenish brown. Green is not flattering or appetizing on chicken - strike that - ANY meat. I forced myself to eat a bite though because this was all I had and I may die from hunger by the end of the day. (It could happen.) The chicken had not only the consistency but also the taste of rubber. Blahk!!! And the sauce I'm pretty sure is straight tomato paste. I would actually rather eat a pb&j sandwich than eat this - and that is really saying something. Any0ne know good Lean Cuisines/Smart Ones?

P.S. I'm dying of hunger here.

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cornnut32 said...

....my experience has been that anything (and i mean ANYTHING) that is "diet" "lite" or has any kind of artificial sweeteners/lower sodium tastes like crap.

sorry, no recommendations.... :(