Monday, September 14, 2009

So traffic school sucks and other amazing revelations

So I got a ticket. Big surprise, I know. And things have changed since I got a ticket last. You can do it online now!! I was super excited until I saw the million requirements when you do it online. You have to fax your citation with random signed paperwork, a blood sample, and pictures with yourself and the officer that gave you the ticket. THEN you have to have a notary WATCH YOU TAKE THE FINAL TEST. Then they have to sign forms saying they watched you do it. I would *almost* rather sit in a stuffy room all day with random strangers and watch car accidents on video. There is, however, a bright spot in all this. They sent a list of approved traffic schools online and the names of some of them are awesome:

*I may have exaggerated some of the requirements . . . . but the notary thing is totally true. How ridiculous is that? On a related note . .. . . any notary's out there that don't mind traveling to my house and sit in my room as I take the test? I'll bake you some snazzy cookies . . . .

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