Monday, November 9, 2009

So life has been busy . . . .

**Totally stole the cake pics from my sister's blog. My pictures sucked real bad.**
So work has kinda taken over my life lately but it's ok because I just got promoted. So, yea! But I haven't had time to blog so I'll kind of catch up.
There are a few things that stick out from the last couple of weeks.
My nephew, Ridge, had his second birthday and I made a tractor cake for him. It was by far the easiest cake I've made and Ridge really really loved it. While I was making it he kept just sitting at the table saying, "Look! TRACTOR!!" to everyone he saw. So cute.

So, I also made a new hobby (apparently) of publicly humiliating my supervisor. It's kind of a lot of fun. Our team at work has certain stats that we have to hit, and we made a deal that if our team exceeded a certain number that he has to wear a shirt that I make. The front says "I (heart) Ken Chenault" who is the CEO of American Express, and the back says "Premium Servicing is my life". Premium Servicing is the name of our department. The letters are lined with glitter - which makes it super fun because we'll be finding glitter ten years from now.


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