Thursday, December 31, 2009

So I can't do anything normal . . .. .

I moved. It's pretty exciting. We did it the day after Christmas which kinda killed Christmas for me. I live on the 3rd floor which made moving furniture a super awesome experience. So last night I was blow drying my hair at around 8:30 and apparently blew a fuse. So it was pitch black because I have black out curtains and have no flashlight. I also had no clue where the fuse box was. So, guided by the light of my cell phone, I searched EVERYWHERE trying to find this stinkin fuse box. The most annoying part was that I had finally put everything away - everything was organized and pretty and I had to tear stuff out to try and search the walls. The only thing that I could see that could be considered a fuse box was this metal thing that said "GE Connection Center" on it. The problem was that is was screwed shut and was close to the ceiling in my closet. So, of course, I don't have a ladder or a screw driver, or a flashlight, so I ended up balancing on two chairs holding the cell phone for light and using a butter knife to try and unscrew the metal compartment thing. So, yeah, that didn't work. I ended up having to get my Dad to drive out to help. Within ten minutes he found the fuse box. It was behind the door of my room! I had kept the door open and if I had just shut it I would have seen it. I am such a winner.

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