Tuesday, November 1, 2011

So I'm still alive.

Hello there. Nice to see you. So I kinda forgot about this whole blog thing. It's funny how that happens. And to be honest, I don't really have anything really inspiring or earth shattering to share, but just thought I'd drop in.

Nothing's really changed. I'm still getting into weird situations, not sleeping, and having random health issues. Lately I've been changing what I eat, just to keep it interesting. Last week I decided to try all different brands of yogurt because I'm trying to find the best one. So every morning for breakfast I had a different kind. I was worried though that by the end of the week I would forget which brand I liked or didn't like. So I started writing my 'review' for the yogurt down on whatever was closest. So on random pieces of paper at work I have things written down like: 'Cascade Fresh: sour and lumpy', 'Stonyfield: liquidy and chunky', 'Chobani: possibly grabbed sour cream on accident?', 'Athenos: expired? or just really funky?'. And because I'm apparently really not organized, I wrote each one on something completely different. One was on a meeting agenda, one was a on a presentation, one on my calendar, etc. It makes for some fun reading and explanation for my co-workers that are wondering who I'm calling liquidy and chunky. Doesn't that description just make you hungry? Yum.


Katy and Brent said...

Wow.. I definitely won't be buying any yogurt anytime soon. You pretty much described what I always hope *not* to find my yogurt to be when I peel off the lid. Yummy.

Good luck with that! Have you found any brands you like yet? And glad to see an update!! :) I'm just waiting for some more of your stories... you can't leave us all hanging like this... ;)

Aubrey said...

Haha I have to say that I have never branched out to other yogerts besides yoplai. Maybe I will have take a crack at this experience myself!! :)