Wednesday, April 11, 2012

So I interrupt our regular programming for a very serious question

So . . . you know FBI has a 'Most Wanted' list? Well I was thinking this morning - and wouldn't that mean they have other lists? Like, in order to have a most wanted, you'd also have a least wanted. And that just opens up all kinds of list possibilities. Like, I bet they have a 'Mildly Annoying' list, and a 'If we were to accidentally kill you we wouldn't cry at your funeral' list, etc. And I really really want to be on the 'Mildly Annoying' list. And if I wanted to shoot for the stars and really go for my dreams then honestly I can see myself being completely fulfilled in life if I got to be the one making the lists. The possibilities! And of course, I'd have to have fun with it. I mean, don't you think the FBI folks could use a chuckle or two? I'm sure they would find it amusing if I swapped out one of the Most Wanted guys for my high school Spanish teacher. For just like a week or two. So much wasted potential. And revenge opportunities.


Michelle said...

LOL...It's been awhile...glad to see the new post! Congrats on the promotion!

Aubrey said...

Haha your posts always make me laugh! Keep them comming!! :)