Wednesday, July 18, 2012

So I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy

So you know how I don't do things the normal way? (I think this has been established). Well, when I moved in I didn't have curtain rods but I always put black out curtains up. So in my bedroom I literally nailed the curtains to the wall on both windows. I would always joke that at least no one will be able to get in. Well . . . . .
Tonight I come home to cop cars parked outside my apartment. A couple months ago a woman was stabbed to death in our complex, so I was thinking great, somebody else died. I feel safe. Instead I walk up and there were 2 cops walking away from my apartment. They asked me if I lived there and I said yes. They then said that my neighbor's apartment got burglarized and their place was trashed. They said that there were pry marks and signs that the intruder attempted to get into my bedroom windows. They asked if they could come in and check out my place. I was freaked out mainly because now that I work from home, all my work equipment cannot be stolen. It would be a nightmare. We walk in and nothing was taken. So the officers asked if they could look at the windows. That's when I remembered that the curtains are nailed to the wall. When I looked closer I could see the curtain had been pushed open in one small section and 2 of the nails were on the ground. The officers looked at it and said it was such a smart security decision to nail the curtains to the wall, because if you slow them down enough, they move on. They said that must have been what happened - that the burglars had too hard a time with my place because of my 'great idea', so they moved on to my neighbors.
This made me grateful that 1) Obviously, all my stuff wasn't stolen, 2) My place was pretty presentable, and there were no unmentionables on my bedroom floor 3) I actually did my hair and makeup today and didn't look too horrible in front of the hot cops.
Lesson Learned: Continue to do things the wrong way. Sometimes it makes you look like a genius in front of good looking cops.

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Aubrey said...

That is hysterical!! What an original idea! Maybe that's what I should do, two houses behind us apparently got broken into recently! Who needs security systems anyways???? I am glad you are safe though! Sounds like a sketchy area, I think you should move!