Wednesday, June 27, 2012

So once again I broke something. And then I made it worse.

So I was doing laundry last night at midnight (like every other normal person) and decided that I was tired and didn't want to do several loads so I decided to wash ALL my clothes at one time. I spent several minutes stuffing every article of wearable clothes into the washing machine - just like my mom always warned me was going to break the machine. Even as I was doing it, I was thinking this was not going to end well. And here's the difference between me and normal people: I did it anyway. So it only took about 10 minutes before the washer started making loud thunking noises and then clicking sounds, followed by silence. Nothing. It wouldn't do anything - wash, rinse, permanent press, NADA. The washer was filled with water and my clothes were tangled up and not moving. The problem was I had lunch with former colleagues today and didn't think they'd understand why I showed up in my pajamas. So I knew I couldn't wait for the maintenance guy to come. So I spent the next 3 hours pulling out my clothes once by one and wringing them out the best I could and finding somewhere to hang them. Now this is what doesn't make sense to me - I don't know if it was the late hour or what, but I apparently forgot that my DRYER was still in working order. I spent a ridiculous amount of time wacking my clothes against funiture (because that's how they dried clothes in the olden days, I assume), rolling them up in towels and sitting on them, and ineffectively blowing them dry with my blow dryer. Finally, I remembered the dryer still worked, and I tried that route. But the clothes were so wet still that it took 6 cycles in the dryer to finally dry.
Then today, after all that, I thought for kicks and giggles I'd see what would happen if I unplugged the washer and plugged it in again. Because that how you fix computers, right? And it started right up. Of course.

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Aubrey said...

Haha! I will have try unplugging my washer too! My wager broke last month and it was the worst thing EVER! I also had to ring everything out, but fortunately I have my husband who reminded me that our dryer was not brOke! So glad I am not the only one out there!!