Friday, August 28, 2009

So, Flagstaff

Flagstaff was an incredibly stressful time. My sister Kayla asked that I would help with the YMCA event. She's the director over the YMCA and needed someone that knew something about cakes. I don't know if I'm really qualified for that, but I knew that she needed help, so I agreed. I spent HOURS planning the best techniques to teach that are simple and fun for kids of all ages. I made little Cake Tip books for all the kids and made tons of cakes and frosting. It was kinda ridiculous how much I stressed over it. So, when I got up to Flagstaff I spent more time with Kayla organizing the frosting tips, dying the frosting the right color, and running around. When the event finally started the kids ended up just running to the tables and squeezing the frosting all over the place - they didn't care what tip they had, what color, anything. Some were even 'decorating' the cake tips books I made. I should've figured that kids would've been happy with anything in sugar form and just ran with it.

 Kayla made cakes and frosting too - and when she made the frosting we both found out why it is important to use clear vanilla extract. Hers looked like mashed potatoes, or lard, or something that is not frosting. It all ended well though - the kids had fun, there were a ton of people and their cakes turned out cute. And I will never make a cake again.

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