Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So my ears hit their expiration date. Apparently.

So I have issues with my ears. You can read about these issues here . We've never really gotten along, my ears and I. They always threaten to put me in agonizing pain and I always threaten that if they do I'm gonna make like Van Gogh and cut them off. Well, at least one of us always follows through with those threats.
Yesterday my ears started bleeding. Not like a little, but a good amount. That was fun to discover while at work. I kept trying to play it cool whilst I stuffed Kleenexes into my ears. I thought it would go away, but all night long they would spontaneously start bleeding. It was like a fire cracker show . . . just as soon as you think it's over, the true finale starts and things are exploding all over again. I figured my ears were throwing themselves their own going away party and wanted to go out with a bang. I accepted that. I went through the stages of grief and came to terms with it. I was ready to move on. Except that now the 'party' is still in full swing 24 hours later and I'm getting a little annoyed. Conveniently I have an appointment with an ENT (Ear Nose Throat) Dr next week. I was supposed to see and ENT when I was like 7. I'm going next week. That's procrastination at it's best, folks. But I'm a little worried because I'm pretty sure by the time I go to see him he's gonna say there's nothing that can be done. If my ears were a car, it'd be totalled at this point.

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