Monday, March 22, 2010

So has this ever happened to you? . . . . No, just me? Lovely.

Quite often I have more than one internet window up on my computer at any given time. In fact I normally have eleventyhundred windows up. I attribute this to my yet-to-be-diagnosed ADD. I'll be reading a blog, then open another window and read another, then remember I need to check my bank balance, etc.
Well, I always have my computer on silent unless I want to listen to something or am watching a show or something. So inevitably, I'll decide to watch a show or whatever and turn my volume on and suddenly eleventyhundred songs/commercials/screaming people burst from my computer. It seems that everyone these days play songs on their blog, and then there are the random commercials that play on a loop, and then some weird funky noises coming from ads trying to get you to click on them. I then will have a panic attack trying to stop the noise. I'll click on each window trying to decide if this one is one of the noise offenders. It's like a diffusing a bomb . . . . . hmmm that wire didn't work? Lets cut THIS one!
On a side note, someone lovingly pointed out that I say 'so' a lot. He asked if I was aware that I have so far started each blog title with 'So'. Well, I am aware. It's on purpose. I call it a theme. You can call it a quirk or as some like to call it, another unexplained characteristic.

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