Tuesday, May 22, 2012

So I got a new job

I know this comes as a shock after reading the post title, but I got a new job. I'm still working within American Express but now I'm in Global Business Travel. It's a promotion, and the coolest part is that I now work from home. It's incredibly surreal. I've been in the new job for about a month now and I still feel like my old boss will call me any day and ask me where I've been. It's very odd. For about the first week and a half on the new job I didn't have anything to do because I was waiting for all of my equipment so that I could work from home. I was at home, bored, and full of anticipation for the new position. So what did I do? Crafts, of course. I wanted decorations for my new home office walls, so I made the incredibly stupid idea to make them. I made this decoration out of toilet paper rolls. It's something that I saw on pinterest and I actually really like how it turned out:
Then I made this sign with a quote that I really love:
I decide how hard a craft is by how much crying is involved. So the first craft was easy. The sign, however was a little difficult. Not at first though. At first I was thrilled on how simple it was. But it didn't look right. I couldn't figure out what was wrong. This is what it looked like at first:
Notice anything off? Yeah. That kinda ruined my day. I literally had to slowly peel off the paint and reposition the letters. That was fun.
This is what my office area looks like with everything finally put together: (the thing on the right is a white board. I have an intense obsession with making lists.)
It's been an interesting couple of weeks. I've been trying to adjust to working from home which seems like a simple concept, but it's more difficult than I first thought. Here's what I've learned so far:
  • I can save a lot of gas working from home
  • I also save the 2.6 seconds I normally would spend picking out a work outfit. Now my work outfit is whatever I happen to wake up in, which is awkward when I'm 'working' at my 'office' and the apartment maintenance guy literally comes walking in. Unannounced. True story.
  • Being at home all day long really makes you notice how much you need to clean your apartment. The daylight really makes the dust stand out. And when you're faced with an impossible project, cleaning a toilet doesn't seem so hard. In fact, it seems like a delightful diversion.
  • It's fun being able to decide when I take breaks. But I've learned that I cannot turn on the tv during my breaks. Because I intend to take a 10 minute breather, and then suddenly I'm finishing a 10 hour Real Housewives marathon. It's a problem.
  • Now that I get to decide when I work, I decided to work until the work is done. The problem with that is: I work until the work is done. I'm a little bit of a perfectionist when it comes to work, so I will obsess over a project until I've done every possible thing to improve it. So this has not helped my sleep situation.
All in all, I really like my new job. I like the change, the challenge, and I actually do like working from home.

That's the end of my story.

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Katy and Brent said...

Your office looks awesome! I love the decor :) Congrats, this is awesome I hope you are loving it!! :)