Wednesday, May 5, 2010

So can I switch my karma with yours? Mine sucks. I mean, it's fantastic - wonderful - you will never find better karma. Now, can I please have yours?

So I work, because I have yet to find someone willing to pay me to stay home. And at work I've been working on (among many other things) a Pilot program. In order to get this off and running, I have to have a meeting with these two women at work. These women are the equivalent of my boss's boss. They are in upper management and uber busy and have assistants and all that jazz. Well, it took me 4 weeks to schedule a meeting where they are both free at the same time, and even finding that was pure luck. (This is going somewhere, I promise you . . . .) So that meeting was scheduled for today at 10am. I had everything prepared and was walking into the conference room at 9:59 when, of course, the fire alarm goes off.

. . . . . Karma

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