Monday, May 24, 2010

So this is why I shouldn't make cakes.

So I make cakes. Not well, but I make them. (See HERE and HERE)It all started when I took a cake making class with Katy. Then I decided I wanted to make my nieces cake for her birthday which meant I had to learn to use fondant. The class didn't teach fondant, so I figured it out on myself. So here's the thing, I don't like cake. Like, at all. It holds no appeal for me. So in order for cake to be edible in my eyes is to drastically change a key element in the cake. And I can't change the actual cake part because it wouldn't be a . . . . cake. So I change the filling. And the really GREAT thing about the whole me-make-cakes idea is I get to decide what's in the cake. And the really SCARY aspect of the whole me-make-cakes idea is . . . I get to decide what's in the cake.

Some fillings I've done in the past are:

- a mixture of cream cheese and chocolate pudding with crumbled oreos on top

- chocolate pudding with gummy bears and worms mixed in (this one was for my nieces cake. I thought it would be fun - it kinda just confused the kids. They were like mid chew and then they were like, "What the? What IS this? candy? I thought I was eating cake . . .. " and then we had to explain they were eating both. Then they looked at us like we were crazy. And I realized they were right.

So I'm making a cake this Saturday for my niece's birthday and I'm debating what I should fill it with this time. My favorite dessert is No-bake cookies and I've seriously considered putting the mixture of no bakes as the filler. YUM. But then it would take so much time to explain to the kids that they are eating a cake and a cookie. Some things just aren't worth it.

P.S. - If this cake looks decent, I'll post pics this weekend. Don't get too excited because it doesn't look like a big possibility right now.

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Curtis said...

sorry I ruined these plans...maybe next week it will still happen right ;)