Sunday, May 16, 2010

So my nieces and nephews came to visit

Not the greatest pic, because it's from my phone,
but notice the heart shaped ring he insisted on wearing.

My nephew Ridge is ALL boy. He loves dirt, trucks, balls, etc. But when I paint my niece Cambree's nails, he gets a little envious. He begged to get his nails painted, and when I said yes he got SO excited. I had a wide variety of colors for him to choose from (because Cambree likes a different color for every nail) but he chose black. I asked him why he chose black, and he said "It's pitty (pretty)." It cracks me up. He is so proud of his little black nails.

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Grammy Suzzy said...

I admired those very handsome, dark nails yesterday in church...he truly is very proud of them! You are such a wonderful auntie!!! Cambree, Ridge, and Brecklynn are just the luckiest!!! And their uncles are great too, I might add!