Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So . . . I did it again. No, seriously.

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Some days I feel like I haven't learned anything since I was 7. Today is one of those days. I have a night-stand next to my bed that is . . . special. I got a really good price on it and thought that I had beat the system and got a quality piece of furniture for uber cheap. Yeah, not so much. As I originally started putting it together back in December most of the pieces didn't stay intact for longer than 3 minutes. I finally got it to resemble a night stand with several threats, moments of silence, and a lot of glue.
Well tonight it suddenly self-destructed and no amount of kicking it back into place worked. I decided the best way to fix it was with hot glue.

I like hot glue because:
1. It works really quick.
2. It makes me feel super crafty.

I now HATE hot glue because:
1. It works REALLY quick. Like too quick. Like so quick that you don't realize you hot glued your CURTAINS TO YOUR NIGHT-STAND before it's too late.
2. It makes me feel super crafty - as in I have delusions of grandeur and believe I can do things that normal crafty people can do.

My curtain and night-stand are now a package deal. Lovely.

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Alisa said...

i feel guilty for saying i loved reading this. but i did. and it made me laugh. but also sad. hope you're doing well chelsie!!!