Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So I had a bad dream

I'm like a little kid in SO many ways but one of them is that I get freakish nightmares. They're not any regular nightmare, they are like nightmares on steroids. I think its probably because my imagination is so out there when I'm awake and able to control it somewhat that at night it just goes beserk. Anyway, so last night I had a HORRIBLE dream - and I normally wouldn't post this kinda thing, there's a reason, I swear. Well, in real life my little sister Jarica, who is like 12 is seriously afraid to be alone ever. She will have almost full on panic attacks if she is left home alone, and in my dream I dreamt that she passed away and her ghost or spirit was still here. But no one knew but me and she was just bawling always because she was alone and no one was with her where she was. In my dream I tried to just sit with her as most as I could, but I would have to go to work or something and she would beg and scream for me to please not go away. I can't even explain how much the dream tore me up - to feel so helpless to comfort my little sister - it was unfathomable. I was so sad when I woke up - my dreams really affect me, and then the thought came that that kind of thing would never happen - and I know that because I'm Mormon and have the knowledge of what happens after we pass away and that if my little sister did pass away she would never be alone. I was able to put the dream out of my mind because I was so comforted by that thought. But then later today I had the thought come, what do people do that don't have that knowledge? The people that think that your spirit just wanders or something after you die? I don't think I would be strong enough to be a parent if I didn't know that if anything happened to my children and they passed away, they would be taken care of. Ok, I'm done being serious.
So, I was walking to my car after work and following behind these two random guys who were talking and I overheard (ok, I was eavesdropping), but I heard them talking and the first guy was saying that he had a headache and the second guy said to take an aspirin and the second guy said,
"No, I can't. I have like no tolerance for drugs. If I'm ever in war and am captured they could get all my information just by giving me sudafed. I'd be all, 'My name is John. I like puppies and cry during chick flicks.' "
This just cracked me up and left me with a lot of unanswered questions. First of all, what does he think prisoners of war actually go thru? I don't know what idiot teacher said it was full of ice breaker games where people stand up and say, "My name is Billy Bob. I like pina coladas and getting lost in the rain." And second of all, is their a way to contact the like head of the armed forces to let him know to NEVER let this guy enlist? Because seriously, that's all we need is some dude going around telling all our secrets because he had a headache. And third, is it horrible that I totally judge him for picking those two things to describe himself? Puppies and chick flicks? REALLY? Were you trying to hint to the second guy that you don't see him just as a friend? Cus, I think it worked. They stopped talking after that. Hmmmm . .   . maybe it was because they saw me listening and got weirded out. No, I'm going with the first one.

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Amy Juhasz said...

How sad about the dream, I HATE sad dreams like that. It is great having a knowledge of what comes after death. *I just deather...??*

And once again, I love your random story! How funny!