Saturday, June 27, 2009

So Sports are draining

So my little sister Jarica is in volleyball - she's actually really good (not that it comes as a surprise that she's good at something, more that anyone in our family is good at sports, this comes from a family that is SO lazy that me and my sister Kayla would be in bed and wouldn't want to get up and turn off the light at night so we would throw anything in reach at the light switch hoping it would hit it and flip the light off. More often than not we just ended up breaking the light switch. And then we would look at each other and go to bed with the light on.) Anyway, so over the years I have gone to multiple volleyball games of hers to support her and I've noticed that even thought the teams she's been on have changed, the team she's playing change, there are similarities that they all share that I would really like to see go. 
Like, the game is held in the YMCA and the genius that set up the court puts the bleachers about 2 feet from the court, so if you sneeze, you have a chance of hitting a player. Right before the game all the girls are warming up and they have approximately 17 balls to every girl and they are all spiking them, in no particular direction except most the time it ends up hitting the people on the bleachers. So you have to be on high alert as well as extremely coordinated or you'll get hit in the head, or eyeball, or ear. Like I did. 3 times. And thats when I decided that reading a book and hoping I'll just sense when a ball was wizzing toward me wasn't such a spectacular idea. But then when I did start paying attention and noticed a ball coming at me I got like stage fright and froze up and kicked the ball instead of catching it. That happened multiple times and I always got evil eyes from the YMCA referee's so I decided to just find a small child and use them as a shield. 
Something that seriously annoys me more than anything is when everyone shouts at the players before they even start the game. They are like getting into their positions on the team and as soon as they step on the court it is apparently a signal to the ret of the world to start yelling at them. They all scream "C'mon girls!!" about 32 times followed by "Teamwork!!" Where are these girls supposed to c'mon to? They haven't done anything! And then there the obnoxious teams that everytime the ball goes out of bounds they all scream "OUT!!!!!" as loud as they can. Why is that? Can't they like appoint someone to determine if a ball out so they don't have to scream for the rest of the world? Oh, wait! They do. Its a referee. And then they have the cheers they do for themselves, like when someone hits the ball over well, they'll all scream, "In-STANT re-PLAY!!"(stamp, stamp, stamp-stamp-stamp). They have intricate foot and hand gestures for them too. Could you imagine if pro football players cheered for themselves too when they scored a touch down? I might actually attend those games if they did. 

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