Friday, June 19, 2009

So Tyra Banks had a stalker

Apparently Tyra Banks had a stalker that has been caught and part of his sentence is that he has to successfully complete an "Anti-Stalking Class". Is that not officially like the best idea ever?? So, how I imagine it is kinda like what they do with Joey on Friends. Maybe I'm the only one that has watched every single episode but for those that are freaks like me do you remember when Rachel was teaching Joey "good thing, bad thing"? And when stuff happened that would freak a normal person out he was all excited and she was all, "Remember how we talked about good thing, bad thing? Now Joey, this is a BAD thing."
I would totally PAY to sit in that anti-stalking class. I imagine the instructor would be listing things off, like, "Watching someone with binonculars while they're sleeping? BAD THING. Following people home? BAD THING." and then of course one of the stalkers would be like, "Well what if we call someone . . . " and the instructor would be all,"well, I guess good thi-" and he finishes,"37 times a day?" And the instructor was all "No, no, no calling 37 times a day is a BAD THING!" (Instead of saying the pledge of allegiance they probably all sing their theme song "Every Step You Take." I know, I'm totally beating that dead horse, but it's hilarious . .. . .to me, anyway. )

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